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Grandtag Always Supports Your Sustainable Family Legacy Succession

December 1, 2017

In the new era of technological revolution, family enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges. To cope with the ever-changing market environment and the advancement of intelligent technology, family enterprises are in need of a strategic direction and willing to make changes with keen market tentacles and a strong driving force in order to prevent crisis situations while seizing new opportunities through business model upgrading. Moreover, family successors need to spend time to plan well, to get support from the core management, and are able to improve on the traditional industries in the process of their transition into the leadership role.

Launch of Family Wealth Management and Legacy Services

Grandtag Financial Group not only has an experienced team of professionals who are specialized in life insurance, they also persist in the pursuit of corporate excellence and the development of innovative products. Catering to a growing market need, Grandtag pioneers the launch of family wealth management and legacy services, through GT Legacy Family Office (GTLFO), which customizes an optimum solution for all family members, including conducting family assessment, enacting the family constitution, organizing family meetings and so on, for the purpose of establishing an achievable legacy action plan.

Qualified Family Legacy Planners

In pursuance of providing high quality family business succession planning services, Grandtag professionals have been honed in the specialized knowledge and skills of legacy planning; in fact, they took part in the “Family Legacy Planner Course” organized by Legacy Academy. This course provides training on theoretical lectures, case sharing, case studies, role-playing, interactive sessions, topic discussions and presentations; all these lessons are designed to help Grandtag professionals master the family legacy market situation and familiarize with the investigation results of affairs related to family legacy, the “Five-Dimension Model” imbedded in the fundamentals of legacy planning, and the best practices of successful family enterprises. The “Family Legacy Planner Course” surely serves its purpose in enhancing the participants’ insights into the family legacy market. The qualified Family Legacy Planners shall pursue their continuous study on the subject matter and be committed to comply with the code of conduct for practicing the trade, in the interest of upholding the professional competence and integrity.

On May 23, 2017, Legacy Academy hosted “Legacy Dinner and Family Legacy Planner Course Graduation Ceremony”. On this occasion, Qualified Family Legacy Planners certifications were conferred on Grandtag’s financial consultants, which included Gollum Shau, Chief Distribution Officer, Anthony Wong, Senior Vice President of Business Development Department, Claudia Ho, Vice President of Business Development Department and Felix Cheung, Vice President of Business Development Department. Grandtag’s Family Legacy Planners are dedicated to attaining specialization in planning the legacy blueprints for clients in order to suit their individual needs effectively.

Family Legacy Planners Graduation Ceremony 2017

Mr. Jameson Leung, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Grandtag Financial Group, and Dr. Michael Y.K. Chan, the Honorary Chairman of Legacy Academy, shared their legacy planning experiences during the ceremony.

Embrace the Future ─ Legacy X Innovation

Probing into the conflicts and business opportunities between family business, innovation and technology are hot for investigation. As the Platinum Sponsor of “Legacy Conference 2017” held on June 2, 2017 in Deloitte & Touche LLP which was organized by Legacy Academy, Grandtag fully supported the seminar in which the theme was “Embrace the Future ─ Legacy X Innovation”. The objective of this conference was to share and discuss how the family businesses transferred the right beliefs and values to their next generation, meanwhile combined with the advantages of innovation and technology, to achieve a successful wealth transfer. Grandtag is committed to providing professional family business succession planning services for the purpose of effectively developing a complete spectrum of family legacy planning.

The guests of Legacy Conference and the team of Legacy Academy

Mr. Jameson Leung shared his beliefs on legacy.

Grandtag professionals fully supported the Legacy Conference.

Persistence is the Key for Sustainable Development

Facing with the turbulent business world, Grandtag adheres the belief of "quality and excellent service". The quality of pre-sales and after-sales service should not become loose. Mr. Jameson Leung, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Grandtag, is convinced that the pursuit of perfection is indispensable, “Never give up the belief whatever the momentary profit, or even the leaders alternation". Persistence is the key for corporate sustainable development.

GT Legacy Family Office
  • Being a Grandtag’s exclusive service branch, GTLFO is a specialized operation providing professional family business succession planning services based on the Five-Dimension Model
  • Family Legacy Assessment is the initial step of legacy succession journey
  • Upon completion of the Family Legacy Assessment, family legacy planners from GTLFO will recommend practically viable solutions

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