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Innovative Insurance Protection Approaches for High Net Worth Clients

December 1, 2017

Grandtag is honored to join the reputed insurance service provider, AXA, to collaborate the recent “IAM & Family Offices Leaders Conversation” hosted by Asian Private Banker on June 27, 2017; the event brought together key leaderships of the ever increasingly important IAM community along with selected Family Offices, providing a forum for these relevant market players to exchange views on opportunities and challenges faced by this specialized segment in Asian wealth management industry.

The event has extended Grandtag’s marketing networks and built rapport with over 40 attendees in providing alternate High Net Worth (HNW) Insurance Protection Solutions. The Asia’s insurance landscape is taking a new shape, which provides an opportunity for Grandtag to explore into HNW markets catering for the diverse needs of HNW clients.

Mr. Joel Tan, Lead Technical Director, HNW Division of Grandtag, co-hosted the workshop with Mr. Eddie Fung, Chief Alternative Distribution Officer of AXA, and delivered a pitch on “Alternative HNW Protection Solutions”. The discussions covered how variations and alternative solutions would provide clients not only with probable ways of obtaining the same protection as that of traditional solutions, but with added benefits too. These alternative insurance solutions are creative innovations of HNW insurance for its clients in Asia.

Joel Tan

Lead Technical Director, HNW Division

Grandtag Financial Group


Grandtag Financial Group has designated Joel Tan as Lead Technical Director. Joel is working in partnership with our tax and legal professionals to assist our clients to ensure safeguarding their interests in the ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.


Asian Private Banker recently conducted an interview with Mr. Jameson Leung, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Grandtag Financial Group, and Dr. Michael Chan, the Honorary Chairman of the Legacy Academy, for a discussion on issues related to the family succession planning from the perspective of their experience and expertise.


The interview was published on its official website dated June 15, 2017.

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Louise Thean
Head of Strategic Alliance, Global
Grandtag Financial Group

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