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Health Planning

Empowering you to enhance the quality of health and lifestyle with knowledge of your unique genetics

Researchers at UBS Wealth Management surveyed 5,000 “high net worth individuals” worldwide and found that 57% of the respondents “worried that their health will deteriorate in the next 10 years, and only 30% of the respondents believing that they’ll live to reach the century mark”. The survey also confirmed that the global wealthy individuals seem to agree that “health” do matters more than “wealth.”

At Grandtag we practice a holistic approach to manage your Wealth, Health and Legacy planning has long been a part of Grandtag's DNA. As Grandtag cares about our client's health and well-being, we have collaborated with Advanced Genomic Solutions (AGS) to provide genetic tests (a DNA home test kit) for our clients. This is a value added service in addition to our life insurance based inter-generational wealth planning solutions.

Genetic Test

The genetic test not only allows you to unveil the mysteries of your family tree but also provides insight into the health problems hidden in your genetic code. After taking the genetic test, you’ll receive an assessment of your body’s health needs that can help you craft a personalized fitness regimen, as well as a guide to your diet and wellness needs.

Don't let your focus on preserving your wealth and neglecting your understanding of your genetic code which will greatly benefit your personal health and wealth planning. Grandtag believes that the intrinsic relationship between health and wealth is essential and will fulfil our promises to our clients to help them live better today and worry less about tomorrow.

It’s certainly true that you can’t put a price tag on good health—no matter how wealthy you are, but by incorporating genetic tests into your wealth planning, it will certainly help you to make wise and better decisions in your health and wealth planning.