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A Passion to Go Beyond

15 January 2018

Going beyond the ordinary to preserve and protect what is most valuable

As a longstanding partner to Asia’s private banking community, Grandtag understands that the needs of high net worth individuals and the relationship managers who serve them are changing profoundly.

Market volatility, tightening regulatory regimes and taxation requirements – all these combine to make wealth planning a complex and highly specialized discipline today. We are in an era of what is commonly regarded as the largest wealth transfer generation in history, as those people who have created extraordinary wealth over the past three decades are reaching the stage of life where they will hand over their fortune to their heirs. This transfer is becoming ever more complicated in Asia, where the vast majority of the wealthy are first-generation multi-millionaires.

The vast diversity of client needs adds to the generational-wealth-transfer challenge, especially when it comes to addressing succession planning issues. Every family is unique in its own way: many high net worth individuals have family members living in multiple jurisdictions across the globe; some may have philanthropic pledges that are yet to be fulfilled, among other concerns.

Many of these families are turning to their relationship managers for advice on sensitive issues: How can we best protect and transfer wealth between generations? How can we protect and improve family well-being? How can we ensure the continuance of our family values, culture and wisdom?

These questions can only be answered with tailor-made holistic solutions, created and delivered with passion to offer new perspectives.

The process of formulating continuously bespoke holistic succession planning solutions for clients over the years has elevated Grandtag to a new level.

We have always had a ‘passion in everything we do’. Now, ‘A Passion to Go Beyond’ is taking us beyond insurance to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions on a single platform.

Like an artist who blends different colours into harmony, we are able to balance wealth, health and legacy planning to create a comprehensive and bespoke solution for each client. Consider this: a wealthy couple from Hong Kong wants to preserve their family legacy for their children and grandchildren. This legacy includes not only their financial assets; it also extends from preserving the family’s shared history, values, knowledge and experience to protecting and improving the health and wellbeing of every family member.

Finding a coordinated solution to these diverse needs was difficult in the past. But it is now possible with Grandtag.

In collaboration with private bankers and wealth advisors, we facilitate access to best-in-class specialists and efficient and appropriate solutions to provide high net worth families with a high level of security, comfort and peace of mind.

We have trusted relationships with global top-rated insurance carriers, and an incredible depth of expertise in using life-insurance-based solutions to help families protect their wealth from generation to generation.

We work closely with Qineticare, the first global family health office, and also with GT Legacy Family Office, the expert in business and familial core values succession planning.

Qineticare is dedicated to enabling families to achieve longevity. Its unique service empowers families to protect, manage and improve their health and relationships, with personalized care for each family member’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The GT Legacy Family Office helps families identify the essence of their success from their own history and family values, and recommends succession planning solutions that match their unique status and circumstances. In this way, families create an enduring succession plan and have a uniquely relevant reference for future family and business development.

At the heart of all of these solutions is Grandtag’s passion for protecting and preserving what is most valuable. We share our high net worth clients’ dedication to building a valuable legacy for future generations.

Entering a new stage of our development, we’re excited to share our passion to serve private banking relationship managers and high net worth families and go beyond their expectations for years to come.

Jameson Leung
Grandtag Financial Group

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