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Grandtag Enters a Collaborative Partnership in Pioneering Health Planning - How Does Qineticare Help You Protect Health Like Wealth?

6 April, 2018

Families that wish to preserve their wealth for future generations often set up a family office. The core strength of such a structure is its ability to draw upon objective, unbiased advice and to coordinate the different aspects of the family’s financial affairs.

What a family office does for the preservation of generational wealth, Qineticare does for the family’s longevity and generational continuity through health and wellbeing.

Three core pillars give structural strength to the family at large. These are medical, beyond medical, and family dynamics. Qineticare’s unique model enables us to leverage all three pillars so that each is addressed in the context of its inherent interdependence.

To ensure that assessment and advice are coordinated, Qineticare provides the family with unprecedented visibility, connecting the dots in a manner that simply isn’t possible when the state of the family’s health is confined to silos.

We assess the family at large with respect to all three pillars, identifying both the risks and the opportunities across generations and geographies.
Our assessment begins with a family medical history, which allows us to identify genetic predisposition to disease. We then track medical histories from birth, as well as determining where the individual currently stands. Medical records are then coordinated and uploaded onto an encrypted server accessible anywhere, anytime, affording practitioners a clear understanding of the individual. A health profile augments the history.

Based on Qineticare’s comprehensive health assessment, a medical team is built to meet the individual needs of each family member. Available 24/7, our personalized care team manages the logistics of communicating with a multidisciplinary team, enabling all attending physicians wherever they may be to understand the total picture.

Qineticare goes beyond medical, assessing five fundamentals of each individual’s way of living. These encompass diet, physical movement, quality of sleep, thought patterns, and emotional state. Each assessment provides an opportunity to devise a customized care plan and engage world experts to support each member of the family in achieving an optimal state.

Family dynamics are a crucial aspect of generational continuity. One’s relationship with oneself impacts one’s relationship with others. The ability to communicate openly and authentically, without judgment or imposing on others, is essential. We work with families across generations to enhance the communication and trust among family members.

If families are to thrive through the generations, it’s imperative they look at health and wellbeing from the perspective not only of their physical health but also the mental, emotional, and relational dimensions of their life as a family.

Qineticare’s unique model of the three core pillars of health and wellbeing—medical, beyond medical, and family dynamics—complements the family trust, advocating both for the family at large and each individual member.

“It amazes me how unprepared we are for the curveballs life can throw us in one form or another, especially where our health is concerned”. --- Feisal Alibhai

Feisal’s biography

Feisal Alibhai, is the founder and CEO of Qineticare, the world’s first ‘family health office’, based in Hong Kong.
At the peak of his entrepreneurial success at age 35, while employing more than 10,000 people in 15 countries, he was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Coming within an inch of his life, he recognized that to recover, remain in remission, and thrive, he needed to immerse himself in a multidimensional approach to health. This experience taught him that, irrespective of education and wealth, unexpected health issues are rarely handled well.
For the past 12 years, Feisal has enjoyed a state of wellbeing beyond anything he experienced in the past—a quality of life we all deserve. Initially set up to service Feisal’s immediate and extended families, Qineticare is now a multi-family health office servicing families around the world.
Feisal was born in DRC, raised in Belgium, finished schooling in Canada, and graduated from the Wharton School.

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