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FWD Preferred Partner 2018 Award

18 April 2019

Grandtag Financial Consultancy & Insurance Brokers Limited ("GFC") is proud to have received once again “FWD Preferred Partner 2018 Award”. FWD, one of GFC’s major insurance providers, expressed its gratitude to its predominant partners for their contribution towards the insurer’s business by presenting the award.

Being a recipient for “FWD Supreme Partner 2016”, “FWD Preferred Partner 2017 and 2018” in a row, GFC is broadly recognized in the industry as regards to its outstanding professional services and operational efficiency. Our business success is based on trusted relationships with global top-rated insurers for the past 20 years. Driven by ‘A Passion to Go Beyond’, GFC is a key industry player that continuously provides the market with a complete range of sound, efficient and appropriate solutions for clients.


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