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Our Passion

Since GFC was established in 1999 we have always had a ‘Passion in everything we do’.

Now, ‘A Passion to Go Beyond’ is taking GFC beyond insurance into collaborations with best-in-class specialists to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions on a single platform.

A Passion to Go Beyond is a passion to add value to our clients through a holistic approach, built around the evolving needs of our clients and their families, through privileged services across three focus areas: Wealth, Health and Legacy Planning.

To achieve this, we collaborate with private bankers and wealth advisors to create a new dimension in the market. By facilitating access to best-in-class specialists to deliver efficient and appropriate solutions, we provide families with a high level of security, comfort, and peace of mind.

'A Passion to Go Beyond' is a passion to serve both clients and partners, going beyond their expectations now and for years to come.