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What We Do

Add value to our clients through a holistic approach

For years, GFC has been collaborating with best-in-class specialists, capitalizing on world-class financial products from top-ranking international providers in conjunction with our innovative offerings. Through our holistic wealth planning approach, we provide privileged services that help our clients to secure their legacy and achieve lasting success for generations to come.

Wealth Planning

Our strategy is to protect wealth from generation to generation. Multi-generational wealth planning is critical to clients, with managing risks as a key challenge in preserving wealth. We apply life insurance to mitigate these risks as part of our holistic approach and provide tailor-made solutions to meet clients’ evolving needs.

Health Planning

Amidst a backdrop of aging populations in Asia, health and wellbeing are critical to achieving quality of life beyond just wealth. By collaborating with specialists, including the first-of-its-kind Global Health Family Office, GFC delivers on the need for expert and knowledge health planning. 

Legacy Planning

Family legacy succession is a journey that needs comprehensive planning. The GT Legacy Family Office (GTLFO) assists families with succession planning and the continuation of family values, culture and wisdom at the highest standards of competence and integrity in customizing legacy blueprints to meet every client’s unique needs.