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“Pandemic has prompted more legacy planning conversations for HNWIs” written by Dr. Ben Fok, featured in the Custodian Newsletter

August 1, 2023

Dr. Ben Fok, Managing Director of Grandtag Financial Consultancy, contributed an article for the Custodian Newsletter Issue 26.

The Custodian is a newsletter that suggests various estate planning and wealth accumulation related topics, featuring interviews with industry experts or market outlooks in each issue. 

Dr. Ben Fok mentioned in the article how the three years of Covid-19 pandemic have raised awareness of Legacy Planning among High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Under the significant economic downturns, rising geopolitical tensions and increasing cost of living, the global wealth and population of HNWIs have dropped by over 3.3%. He highlighted the value of professional legacy planning in this complex and uncertain environment, explaining the reasons for the increasing cases, and the aging trend of HNWIs having legacy planning conversations with their families. Life insurance is the perfect solution to address clients’ personal needs under different circumstances, and Grandtag is confident in performing so.

Grandtag professional team provides a robust and flexible legacy plan tailor-made to clients’ financial and legacy objectives. Living in a globalized modern world, technology is advancing, communication network has broadened, whilst the future is getting more complicated and unpredictable. An adjustable, transparent, and compliant plan is needed to assist wealth and succession planning. Grandtag is here for every need.

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