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An exclusive interview with Mr. Martin Wong by the Insurance Asia “How Grandtag secures the bag for Asia’s richest” (English Only)

June 3, 2024

Grandtag Financial Consultancy (Grandtag) is making waves in the wealth management and insurance brokerage industries as we secure the bag for Asia's richest individuals. In an exclusive interview with Insurance Asia, Mr. Martin Wong, the regional CEO of Grandtag, sheds light on the strategic directions and ongoing changes in serving high-net-worth clients across the Asia Pacific region. 

Mr. Wong emphasized Grandtag's unwavering commitment to preserving and passing down clients' assets and legacies, ensuring their seamless transfer across generations. By leveraging our trusted relationships with top-rated insurance carriers worldwide and collaborating with professional partners, we consistently deliver sound, efficient, and tailored insurance solutions, earning us the trust of our clients. 

As wealth creation continues to surge in the region, the insurance industry faces the dynamic landscape of changing investment patterns among the affluent segment, along with a host of challenges and opportunities in the market. Grandtag operates under the premise of regulators in Hong Kong and Singapore, ensuring compliance with international standards and delivering the best solutions to clients.

Grandtag's approach to client engagement and service delivery is guided by principles of transparency, trust, and collaboration with best-in-class professionals. Mr. Wong highlighted the importance of listening to clients' needs and expert views to provide personalized and tailored solutions.

“The Asian high-net-worth families have really shown an increased urgency and priority on their planning needs.”

Looking ahead, Grandtag, driven by a Passion to Go Beyond, envisions expanding our footprint in Asia while actively exploring growth opportunities in various territories. With our strategic vision, commitment to client satisfaction, and focus on innovation, Grandtag is poised to shape the future of insurance brokerage and wealth management industry.

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