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Mid Year Message 2023 (English Only)

2023年06月26日 年月日

In the blink of an eye, we are already in mid-2023!

With your strong support, the last 6 months have been exceptional. Thank you for your partnership in achieving several milestones together.

  1. Grandtag Singapore’s digital Blue Ocean Advance for clients was launched.
  2. We are serving you from our spanking new office with a doubling of our staff.
  3. Our senior leadership team has been strengthened with our new Chief Operating Officer.
  4. Our referral network has increased with close collaboration between Hong Kong and Singapore. 
  5. A very significant eight figure variable universal life plan was delivered to an ultra high-net-worth family!

These achievements come as our industry is at a crossroad. 

Expectations in the high-net-worth segment have changed substantially as clients embrace new lifestyles – particularly in the digital space. Which is why we are totally convinced that digitalization will be one of our key pillars and differentiators. Already our Blue Ocean Advance portal is in four languages – English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. This will strengthen the client experience with Grandtag, as a long term, reliable and consistent legacy wealth advisor.

We also see a reshaping in the competitive environment for clients. Not standing idly by, Grandtag has already secured our links with key players in the Asia – with family offices, external asset managers, and leading financial institutions, in each jurisdiction. As you have already seen, we are cutting through red tape and bureaucracy, to deliver a seamless client experience from our offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Rest assured we are not resting on our laurels. For the next 6 months, we will be driving operational excellence, to deliver the sustainable, profitable growth that you and your esteemed clients deserve, and expect from us. 

As always, your feedback remains invaluable, and we remain committed to working furiously to exceed your expectations in quality advice, and turnaround standards. 

Thank you for your trust and endorsement. Thank you for your business and thank you for choosing Grandtag - A Passion to Go Beyond!

Martin Wong | Regional CEO 
Grandtag Financial Consultancy