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Health Planning

Empowering you to protect, manage and improve all aspects of your family’s collective wellbeing

Our pioneering collaboration with Qineticare, the first global family health office, brings to clients their unique approach to personalised care for the health and wellbeing of every family member. Through Qineticare, families are empowered to protect, manage and improve their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing through guidance at each and every stage of life.

Families engage professional managers to look after their financial wealth and lifestyle needs. But who provides the comparable advice and advocacy for the most vital dimension of the continuity of the family, the health and wellbeing of each family member?

Dedicated to enabling families to achieve longevity, thus paving the way for generational continuity, Qineticare is a unique service that empowers families to protect, manage and improve their health, including their relationships. After all, what is wealth without health and wellbeing?

Built on over a decade of service, Qineticare develops a long-term support system for families, utilising a global network of world-renowned medical professionals and specialists in the art of wellbeing.

Providing personalised care for each family member’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing throughout each stage of their life, Qineticare’s team of professionals is uniquely positioned to serve as the family’s true advocate.

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The Qineticare three-pillar approach connects the dots that are the life-force of your legacy:

Medical Protection

Understand your medical history, create health inventory and be supported and cared for by a world-class team of medical experts.

Beyond Medical

Discover how eating, moving, sleeping, thinking and feeling impacts your health and wellbeing to help prevent future illness.

Family Dynamics

Rewire unhealthy thinking and patterns of behavior. Feel safe and secure experiencing authentic and heartfelt connection.