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Celebrating the occasion of financial specialisation qualification accreditation

May 24, 2017

There are about three millions private enterprises that are bound to come face to face with the challenges on legacy planning in the next five to ten years. “The legacy planning on Chinese family enterprises is not optimistic, only 4% of the Hong Kong family enterprises have a comprehensive legacy plan,” the PwC survey stated.

Grandtag Financial Consultancy ("GFC") is committed to providing professional family business succession planning services and is fully prepared to conduct the business with well-equipped professional legacy planning knowledge. For instance, GFC professionals took part in the “Family Legacy Planner Course” organized by Legacy Academy in a continuing bid to further hone their skills for the purpose of effectively developing a complete spectrum of family legacy planning services.

On May 23, 2017, “Legacy Dinner and Family Legacy Planner Course Graduation Ceremony” was held by Legacy Academy. On this occasion, Qualified Family Legacy Planners certifications were conferred on GFC's financial consultants, which included Gollum Shau, the Chief Distribution Officer, Anthony Wong, Senior Vice President of Business Development Department, Claudia Ho, Vice President of Business Development Department and Felix Cheung, Vice President of Business Development Department.

The qualified Family Legacy Planners would persist in their studies and comply with the code of conducts, in pursuance of maintaining the professional competence and integrity. GFC's Family Legacy Planners are dedicated to attaining specialization in customizing the legacy blueprints for clients in order to suit their individual needs. 

Family Legacy Planners Graduation Ceremony 2017

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