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Wealth Planning

Tailor-made insurance solutions to meet the evolving wealth transfer planning needs of HNW clients

We are passionate about protecting and transferring wealth from generation to generation. Working with global private bankers and wealth advisors, we provide effective life insurance-based inter-generational wealth planning solutions to help high net worth individuals achieve their financial and legacy succession objectives.

Multi-generational wealth planning is critical to our clients, with managing risks as a key challenge in preserving wealth. At GFC, we apply life insurance to mitigate these risks as part of our holistic approach to wealth planning. We provide tailor-made solutions to meet clients’ evolving needs, regardless of their residency.

An effective and well-structured wealth plan will help high net worth clients achieve the following:

Seamless wealth transfer
  • Ensure efficient succession planning for multiple generations
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming probate procedures
  • Avoid potential dispute over wills

Asset Protection
  • Protect wealth from potential creditors or third parties
  • Place assets in a structure for confidentiality and security

Tax Optimisation
  • Liquidity planning for tax liabilities on assets encumbered with inheritance tax
  • Tax efficient vehicles for clients residing in jurisdictions with global tax

  • How do you want to be remembered upon maturity?
  • Provide donation to a designated charity organization